Summary: In this video several experts discuss how advertising is affecting the society in the UK. Each of the speakers provides a unique set of issues butt hey all discuss the manipulative nature of advertising. The first speaker discusses how advertising while it can be bad is necessary in a society. The second outlines how advertising of today is out of control and is resulting in societal issues. The third speaker outlines how advertisements feed off of peoples animalistic nature (ex: people are naturally competitive). The last speaker discusses how advertising is actually and ever changing field that adapts to society. However advertising doesn’t have society’s best interests at heart.

Analysis: The video brings up several important issues. The most important of these is how advertising while it is potentially dangerous is a very necessary thing. This is something that all of the speakers could agree on. The video provides an interesting variety of viewpoints as well. One of the most unique of these is that advertising is actually guided by society not vise versa. One of the speakers also provides a lot of info on how things were supposed to be in advertising by talking about the history of the field and how things are today.

Response: This video was a big help to my project as a whole. This was the first experience I had actually hearing experts from the field discuss the topic. There is something about hearing someone talk which is much more tangible than a regular article. Also there were several unique ideas on advertising that I learned form this video. I had not really though about the fact that society guides ads and not vise verse. This was a very unique viewpoint than all the other articles I have read but it has validity. I also enjoyed hearing about the advertising of the UK because while it’s a different country they are battling the same societal issues.

Political Cartoon #2

Cartoon #2 Link

Summary: The cartoon depicts a boss of an advertising agency approving her employee’s ad plan. However they do not have a product to sell yet.

Analysis: This cartoon makes an excellent point about advertising in general. It shows that despite the product many advertisements are purely based on building habits and affecting people subconsciously. There isn’t even a product to be sold yet they already no how to market it.

Response: This cartoon depicts the very problem I am addressing and attempting to provide some solution for. Advertisements are no longer about the products involved but it is all about how the ads can manipulate the viewers subconsciously. This is where the “evil” in advertising comes into play.

Self Reflection #2

Since my last reflection I have decided to change the focus of my topic. From my initial research I had concluded that I would focus on the negative affects of advertising on a society. However, I have decided to change this to be broader and focus on advertisings affect on society both positive and negative. My knowledge of the field has increased exponentially at his point. With more research I have found that advertising does in fact have some positive affects. Advertising affects the way a society determines what they like and dislike. Sometimes making people dislike things can be positive for the society and these should be given acknowledgement.
More importantly I have determined there are many potentially important affects advertising could have if a few fundamental things were changed. Because the goal of the blog isn’t to simply criticize a topic but to familiarize our self with a potential career path or goal I determined that I could outline how id like to make a change in the world of advertising to positively affect our society. This change in topic will also allow me to exercise more critical thinking skills. I am no longer rephrasing other peoples research I am analyzing an existing issue and trying to resolve it in a realistic yet inventive manner.

Political Cartoon #1

Political Cartoon Link

Summary: This cartoon depicts two gun shop employees reading a newspaper. Behind them is a massive back to school sale sign. This sign creates irony as they are reading a newspaper article talking about a recent school shooting.

Analysis: The cartoon is making a point that some forms of advertising despite they’re intent often result in other societal issues. It also makes light of the ridiculousness of American society.

Response: I like this particular cartoon because its not offensive and can be appreciated by both: those who believe that advertising is the issue and others who feel the way that people perceive them is the issue. However despite your opinion this cartoon makes it very clear that ads do in fact have a societal effect whether it be intentional or not.

Academic Journal

Advertising Psychology Versus Lifelong Learning

Advertising Psychology vs Lifelong Learning

Summary: The article starts with and analysis of the different aspects of advertising. The author discusses how advertising is very complex. We cannot simply focus on the numerical values, psychological and sociological aspects of advertising but must be aware of all of these to understand its effects. She then talks about how the pros and cons of advertising are measured. There are many levels of pro and con analysis to advertising. There is the analysis of: product exposure, the public attitude toward ads, brand notoriety and the list goes on and on. All of these aspects need to be taken into account when determining the overall effectiveness of a specific advertisement. She then goes on to explain exactly what a knowledge-based society is. Her definition is a society that shows innovative use of both information and knowledge as well as a high level of self-awareness. The Author goes on to discuss the different ways in which the same advertising affects different age groups. She points out how adolescent teens are targeted with incomplete information and children are targeted with strong emotional responses. These factors are important to the analysis of advertisings potential benefits and its ethical effects. To conclude the article she leaves the reader with an outline on how to avoid being a misinformed society. The key to this is to exercise critical thinking an all aspects of decision making no matter how small the choices are.

Analysis: The author of this article demonstrates excellent critical thinking throughout. She begins the article with very insightful information on the field as a whole. This helps backs up the validity of her conclusions. She does an excellent job of taking all information into account. From her use of acknowledgements to counter arguments and use of well-developed arguments it is clear she gets the whole picture. This leaves the reader with no arguments or questions about why her conclusions are valid. She also does an exceptional job of providing quotes from a number of experts to back herself up. The overall structure of the writing makes it very easy for the reader to follow and comprehend. Her conclusions makes the reader have a strong emotional responses Her final conclusion is especially effective and leaves the reader with a sort of snap to action reflex.

Response: This is an excellent article for my topic. The author is completely unbiased and is extremely informative throughout. Many of her main topics parallel with the main topics of my own paper. I aim to point out how important it is that we use critical thinking in all aspects of our lives to improve our society. This is essentially the same conclusion the author is trying to make in this article. Also the idea of looking at the adverting from so many viewpoints (psyco, social…etc) is important to me. I had previously just focused on the psychological sides but advertising I’ve learned is an all-encompassing field. The article as a whole really helped open my eyes on my topic. It also provided me with a lot of direction on where to go from here.