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As I close in on the end of my college career my career path has become much more important. One degree I have always considered is advertising. Advertising has always been such an interesting subject to me because it plays such a large role in our lives. But I have always perceived it as being sort of dark sided. In a way it is and art of manipulation. However, my knowledge other than my daily exposure to advertising and its effects on my peers and myself is very limited. Choosing this topic would help provide me with more knowledge on the field as well as insight to what needs to be improved or changed to make a positive effect on the field as a whole.
In our world today we are constantly bombarded with new and inventive advertisements and marketing schemes. As our technology use increases the frequency of advisements increases as well. Despite their constant presence many would say these advertisements are often over looked. We never pay attention to the popups we simply block them or close them. But are we really overlooking these advertisements? Or are these advertisements still playing a role in our daily decision-making? The purpose of this blog is to analyze the effects advertising has on our society.
Advertising has some very obvious effects on us. It determines whether or not you buy the bargain brand or the name brand. However, this not the concern of this blog. This blog looks into how and why these choices are made. In order to know how something is affecting a society I had to first understand how they were affecting the individuals. The blog is a compilation of diverse sources from self-help novels to psychological tests. Each of which provides insight into the affects of advertising on individuals and how these affects ultimately shape our society.


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  1. Totally get this!!! I wake up in the morning, grab my phone, read the daily news. While I’m debating politics lol my last search the night before …that perfect outfit on “Sincerely Jules” keeps popping on the sideline talking to me haha!!! Dang I wish I was stronger haha


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