Personal Statement

Personal Statement


One thought on “Personal Statement

  1. This is a truly amazing model for a personal sales pitch. Effective advertisements evoke emotion and provide something to which nearly anyone can relate to. Your statement encapsulates what so many people struggle with on a daily basis – their own sense of self.

    The way you spoke with such simplicity and rawness about something so personal and complicated speaks to your ability to understand human emotion. I found this a very moving piece.

    Advertisements often show you a problem you didn’t even realize you have, yet need a solution for! This personal statement does exactly that. How often do we all have an idea of who we are and who we are perceived to be, yet when something falls through we lose a sense of self? Even people who seem confident, wealthy, and those who have it all can lack a sense of self. This statement addresses our deepest struggles yet provides an authentic solution: self awareness.

    I really enjoyed reading this and I appreciate what you share here. If this were an advertisement, I would find it incredibly refreshing for its honest solution to a universal problem!


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