Political Cartoon #1

Political Cartoon Link

Summary: This cartoon depicts two gun shop employees reading a newspaper. Behind them is a massive back to school sale sign. This sign creates irony as they are reading a newspaper article talking about a recent school shooting.

Analysis: The cartoon is making a point that some forms of advertising despite they’re intent often result in other societal issues. It also makes light of the ridiculousness of American society.

Response: I like this particular cartoon because its not offensive and can be appreciated by both: those who believe that advertising is the issue and others who feel the way that people perceive them is the issue. However despite your opinion this cartoon makes it very clear that ads do in fact have a societal effect whether it be intentional or not.


One thought on “Political Cartoon #1

  1. I agree that this cartoon is not offensive and can be perceived in several different ways. However I personally think it’s displaying advertising in a negative light. I believe the artist is trying to portray media as the root of serious issues in the world, and using school shootings as an example in the particular cartoon.

    The shop is carelessly selling guns targeted to kids (“back to school sale”) while reading a news article pertaining to a recent school shooting. The cashier or store manager of this particular shop seems to be uninterested in the school shooting, and more concerned with his advertisement in order to make more sales. Thus shedding a negative light on advertising.


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