Self Reflection #2

Since my last reflection I have decided to change the focus of my topic. From my initial research I had concluded that I would focus on the negative affects of advertising on a society. However, I have decided to change this to be broader and focus on advertisings affect on society both positive and negative. My knowledge of the field has increased exponentially at his point. With more research I have found that advertising does in fact have some positive affects. Advertising affects the way a society determines what they like and dislike. Sometimes making people dislike things can be positive for the society and these should be given acknowledgement.
More importantly I have determined there are many potentially important affects advertising could have if a few fundamental things were changed. Because the goal of the blog isn’t to simply criticize a topic but to familiarize our self with a potential career path or goal I determined that I could outline how id like to make a change in the world of advertising to positively affect our society. This change in topic will also allow me to exercise more critical thinking skills. I am no longer rephrasing other peoples research I am analyzing an existing issue and trying to resolve it in a realistic yet inventive manner.


One thought on “Self Reflection #2

  1. I think this is a great idea.I always find research that contains both points of view on a subject far more interesting than a one sided debate. Not only is it more interesting for the reader, but it also gives the writer the opportunity to learn more about the topic being research, and to see things from another point of view. I’m eager to read more about the positive affects on advertising!


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