Summary: In this video several experts discuss how advertising is affecting the society in the UK. Each of the speakers provides a unique set of issues butt hey all discuss the manipulative nature of advertising. The first speaker discusses how advertising while it can be bad is necessary in a society. The second outlines how advertising of today is out of control and is resulting in societal issues. The third speaker outlines how advertisements feed off of peoples animalistic nature (ex: people are naturally competitive). The last speaker discusses how advertising is actually and ever changing field that adapts to society. However advertising doesn’t have society’s best interests at heart.

Analysis: The video brings up several important issues. The most important of these is how advertising while it is potentially dangerous is a very necessary thing. This is something that all of the speakers could agree on. The video provides an interesting variety of viewpoints as well. One of the most unique of these is that advertising is actually guided by society not vise versa. One of the speakers also provides a lot of info on how things were supposed to be in advertising by talking about the history of the field and how things are today.

Response: This video was a big help to my project as a whole. This was the first experience I had actually hearing experts from the field discuss the topic. There is something about hearing someone talk which is much more tangible than a regular article. Also there were several unique ideas on advertising that I learned form this video. I had not really though about the fact that society guides ads and not vise verse. This was a very unique viewpoint than all the other articles I have read but it has validity. I also enjoyed hearing about the advertising of the UK because while it’s a different country they are battling the same societal issues.


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