Visual of Extrinsic & Intrinsic values

This is a very important representation of the values affected by advertising from my first opinion based article:



4 thoughts on “Visual of Extrinsic & Intrinsic values

  1. From what you have written below it seems as though advertising traditionally targets the fulfillment of extrinsic values rather than intrinsic. It would appear that marketing and advertising establishes the standard for these extrinsic values and manipulates or changes them for self gain.


  2. I find that the intrinsic values are near parallel to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But, this visual demonstrates the values without the medium of a pyramid thereby equalizing each other. I find that this is a more adequate way to leave impressions on any willing audience as it doesn’t create distance between values. I believe this is beneficial to students especially as psychological theories can easily be misinterpreted or misremembered.


    • This graphic is again tied to the theme I’m seeing here from your work about advertising as a reflection of “sense of self.” I find it very interesting how we have these intrinsic values, yet we often seek extrinsic solutions to fulfill our inner needs.

      For example, the intrinsic need to have satisfying relationships with family and friends, we often think we need to first conform. Ads run abound that show seasonal clothing to fit in with your friends at school, gifts to buy for your family during the holidays to please your relatives.

      If you have to sell something, you have to make a solution that you must buy. This is where the manipulation takes place. You have to convince someone or group of people that they have a problem first off, and the solution is to make a monetary transaction. You wouldn’t want to say that point blank! Extrinsic values are manipulated to put a nice velvety curtain over the fact that money needs to be made. Good or bad, right or wrong, it all goes back to money. Wow, this sounds depressing!


  3. Advertising can be both negative and positive; the influence that comes with advertisement is huge. It creates standers that we want to fulfill, I believe that most people would fit in the “intrinsic values” because it seem less superficial than having to be “extrinsic values”. But advertisement targets both to have its own benefits.


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