Visual of Extrinsic & Intrinsic values

This is a very important representation of the values affected by advertising from my first opinion based article:



Self Reflection #1

So far I have researched several articles online (not all have been academic) about advertising as a whole and some of the main topics surrounding the field. I have also read a few chapters from my non-fiction book specific to this topic. My findings so far aren’t very surprising. There is no shortage of articles and research bashing the advertising industry of the past and today. I’ve noted that several of the articles use similar diction when referring to advertisings: brainwashing manipulative, exploitive. All of these articles do an excellent job of outlining the negative scientific and social affects of advertisements, which are all rather horrible. The book I am reading is extremely insightful and has given me a great understanding of how advertising really works. The author does an excellent job of explaining the psychology behind advertising.
Unfortunately, I am still struggling to find a source which provides a strong argument for why advertising is good or positive for society other than it makes us more aware of things that can help us (anti-smoking ads, healthcare/drug ads etc….) Because of this lack of sources I am going to focus on how these advertisements affect our society in a negative way. As of now it seems unlikely there is much benefit to it other than the potential financial gain as a result of a successful advertisement.

Opinion Based Article #2 (opposing viewpoint)

Positive Impact of Advertisements

Summary: This article is totally focused on the benefits that advertising has on a society. The author introduces advertising by providing a definition of what she thinks advertising really is. She states that advertising is the most comfortable way for people to be introduced to new ideas. This comfort is what makes advertising so effective in providing its benefits. One of the benefits advertising provides us is consumer protection. As a result of laws and regulation the author believes that advertising keeps its consumers protected against fraud or misinformation. Advertising also increases the awareness of flaws in a society. The author states that advertising is the best way to promote a cause. Ads discussing civil rights, natural disasters and even domestic violence all provide increased awareness and promote support for the cause. To conclude the article the author points out that while advertising is so effective in order for it work we must be aware and active to receive its benefits.

Analysis: The author starts the article by making a very crucial point that advertising is the most effective way to communicate ideas. This makes the importance of advertising an indisputable fact to start and gives her a strong base to argue for. However, It is very clear that this article is extremely biased and has no shortage of fallacious reasoning. Despite these issues it is not factually flawed in any way. The author provides specific examples of past advertisement and outlines their success to back up her conclusions. The author is also willing to point out that while advertising is great in theory it require participation in order to succeed. Meaning that while advertising can be designed to make a huge influence it is up to the people to make it work. This shows how the author despite her bias is utilizing critical thinking to form her opinion.

Response: This article provides me with the necessary opposing viewpoint for my topic. More so than most sources this article is totally convinced that advertising is a totally positive thing for society. Most articles are willing to concede to some dangers of advertising at lest however this one does not. Typically I would pass up a bias article but this one has very legitimate points I have not considered. I am very intrigued with the topic of consumer protection and how advertising affects that. The fact that consumers may not be protected would have a massive effect on a society. Also the specific examples used in the article are new to me and provided me with new research to do to better understand the field.

Opinion Based Article #1

The Cultural Impact of Advertising

Summary: In the article the author discusses a number of the positive influences that advertising can have and juxtaposes these to the negative effects. First he points out the benefits advertising has for businesses. Ads can help boost the market by introducing new products. The author also points out the benefits advertising can have on values. Of these values advertising most influences what we perceive as social norms. The author then points out some potential negative effects of advertising. The article states advertising effects our values by placing more importance on extrinsic values than intrinsic values. The author warns this can lead to people ultimately living a life that is less focused on personal wellbeing. Lastly, the author discusses how advertising effects out ability to make choices. This is a result of advertising being focused on subliminal associations and not conscious choice. This ultimately leads to people making choices based on subconscious urge rather than an informed and conscious decision. As a result of these effects the author calls for more concern and debate on the ethics of advertising.

Analysis: This article makes several well though out conclusions on advertising. Initially the author seems bias toward advertising. However he does an excellent job of stifling this bias by conceding to some of the negative effects. This leaves the reader feeling very informed about the subject and not blindly mislead. The author’s knowledge of the topic seems significant but it is apparent that the amount of information the author posses is not that of an expert. This does not take away from the power of the argument because the author provides plenty of quotes from experts. Also the author provides a visual aid outlining the intrinsic and extrinsic values. This makes it extremely easy to understand his point and see its negative affect.

Response: I fell that this is a very good article for my topic. The conclusion the author draws is very similar to my own goal I have for my blog. My goal is to see how advertising affects a society and how these effects can be altered to benefit us as a whole. The content of the article is excellent as well. There are a number of solid facts here to support my own conclusions. One criticism I have about this article is how the author ignores the fact that some of us are actually aware of the effects advertising has on us. He believes we make all our decision based on instinct. We do make decisions on instinct but we also have the ability to make mostly conscious decisions.

About This Blog

As I close in on the end of my college career my career path has become much more important. One degree I have always considered is advertising. Advertising has always been such an interesting subject to me because it plays such a large role in our lives. But I have always perceived it as being sort of dark sided. In a way it is and art of manipulation. However, my knowledge other than my daily exposure to advertising and its effects on my peers and myself is very limited. Choosing this topic would help provide me with more knowledge on the field as well as insight to what needs to be improved or changed to make a positive effect on the field as a whole.
In our world today we are constantly bombarded with new and inventive advertisements and marketing schemes. As our technology use increases the frequency of advisements increases as well. Despite their constant presence many would say these advertisements are often over looked. We never pay attention to the popups we simply block them or close them. But are we really overlooking these advertisements? Or are these advertisements still playing a role in our daily decision-making? The purpose of this blog is to analyze the effects advertising has on our society.
Advertising has some very obvious effects on us. It determines whether or not you buy the bargain brand or the name brand. However, this not the concern of this blog. This blog looks into how and why these choices are made. In order to know how something is affecting a society I had to first understand how they were affecting the individuals. The blog is a compilation of diverse sources from self-help novels to psychological tests. Each of which provides insight into the affects of advertising on individuals and how these affects ultimately shape our society.